About Us


Who are we?

In 2008 we started as a business unit of Value Added Services (VAS) Company before we turned out to be a separate entity in 2009 operating under the name of “VAS Solutions”. VAS is a market leader in one of the most dynamic areas of IT infrastructure and is expected to continue to deliver exceptional revenue growth from information management and storage solutions with focus on the emerging business areas: storage virtualization, information security, virtual infrastructure software and cloud computing.

VAS Solutions managed to maintain rewarding results year over year with the focus on outsourcing and professional services in addition to information storage and security work streams. The company launched with a team of 30+ collaborators and the number of competent resources serving our customers has grown exponentially and reached over 500 professionals. 

In 2014, after a successful journey over past years, a business review initiative took place with the aim of expanding the scale of offering to the market and improving the level of services we deliver to our partners. In coalition with the outcome of this initiative, the company name changed to “EFADA Technology” and major changes executed addressing the business strategy and operations model as well as the management of the company.

EFADA Technology portfolio has been enriched with new products and services including traditional and emerging storage products and solutions, new range of smart information and security solutions in addition to the introduction of the new services for Telco solutions.  The new business development and expansion is bounded and supported by strong partnership and business commitment with market leader technology providers and distributers.

EFADA Technology is committed to continue delivering both quality and quantity excellence to our partners and stakeholders counting on the competency level and trusted knowledge of EFADA Technology’s staff along with extensive track record in information and telecommunications business management.




To be a - Trusted Service Provider - in offering a world-class Professional Services and Solutions in Telecom industry and convey a constant level of quality and standards into other markets through prominent commitment and continuous innovation of our team. 


Mission Statement

Our team knowledge, inspiration and commitment will allow us to deliver cost-effective and high quality services that will enable our customers to advance the way they manage business and achieve their objectives, leading to be a recognized - Trusted Service Provider – in the region.

Keys to Success

  • Focus :Our deep knowledge and experience in ICT sector support us to focus on providing unique services quality and efficiency in the Telecom sector and benefiting other markets by delivering constant level of services. 
  • Highly Qualified Team:Our staff is the most distinguished feature in the company and they are highly qualified from both education and practical experience aspects equipped with a great understanding of business dynamics and challenges. 
  • Experience: Our differentiated experience enables us to focus on helping our clients to achieve their missions and not just on meeting contractual requirements.
  • Reliability: Our proven reliability means that our clients can count on us to continue delivering same level of service quality and efficiency maintaining a “Trust-based” relationship.
  • Client Partnership: Our Client is our Partner - We form a partnership with our customers - not just a business relationship - that ensure full engagement and participation in the business development and implementation process in a way that ensure a win-win relationship.
  • Management Team: Our management team has a recognized experience exceeding 100+ years in Information and Telecom industry including extensive records in business operations in multi-national corps in the region. The vision of our management team has been fostered around how to help our customers in facing the expanding challenges in the market.

Company Ownership and Management

EFADA Technology Company is founded and owned by a group of investors whom have a valued record in business management and Information and Telecommunication industry in the local and regional market. The owners of EFADA Technology established the company counting on a success record in startup and operations of other similar entities in Information Technology field with the aim to develop the business in the area of Telco industry as well as med-large market segment customers whom have the intent to adapt and implement innovative operations models and new emerging technologies.