Professional Services



In line with our goal to provide the best services to our customers, EFADA Technology is offering a vast line of professional services to meet different business needs in the Information and Telecommunications field. Our services scope is designed to fulfill your requirements, including operations and cost efficiency, in order to offer the best possible solutions. A professional and endowed team can devote all their energies and expertise in providing proficient services. As a professional service company, EFADA Technology goal is to achieve the best possible services quality and customer satisfaction in different areas.

 IT Infrastructure Services:

  • IT Infrastructure Engineering
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Project Management

IT Services Management:

  • Front & Back Office Support
  • IT Change/Configuration Management
  • IT Capacity Planning

IT Security Services:

  • Security Analytics Services
  • Intelligence Feeds Services
  • Threat Prevention Services
  • Incident Response Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Security Audits Services

Outsourcing Services

As technology opened its doors to business and marketing, companies have rapidly embraced this change and integrated it with their business processes while implementing their market growth. Outsourcing has become one of the most important strategies that corporations, whether large or small, have taken into consideration. Outsourcing involves two ends: the client organization and the external service provider (outsourcing company). The client organization transfers the management of certain business functions to the external service provider who can cater to their needs under a contractual agreement. The outsourcing company provides the clients with the services, including the production facilities, utilities, manpower and all other needs for production. EFADA Technology offers outsourcing services, which actually permit customer to buy time and focus on core business, have costs under control, reduce labor costs and increase efficiency and productivity in different areas.


IT Infrastructure & Applications:

  • IT Applications Support
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Administrator
  • Storage Administration
  • Systems/Business Analysis
  • Solution Architect
  • ETL Experts

IT Service Management:

  • IT Corporate and Remote Support
  • IT Change Management
  • IT Configuration Management
  • IT Capacity Planning
  • IT Service Operations
  • Service Desk Support